How To Shorten a URL

[EBOOK] How to shorten a url



How to shorten a url


This tutorial teaches you How to shorten URL

This tutorial is recorded by the Step Recorder that comes with the Windows system.

Watch the Youtube video how to shorten a URL

Step 1. Open Google Browser or other Browsing

  1. Step 2. Enter in the browser, Then enter.

    Step 3. Enter in the Google search box to get the search results,

                    continue to step 4.

  1. Step 4. Search for results.

    Step 5. Click on the first in the search results

    Step 6. Opened in search results and later to homepage


    Step 7. Paste the URL you need to Shorten in the input box of SuoRt try now

                       (please note that the URL is complete)


Step 8. Click try now and you will see a URL. Click the Copy button.

Step 9. Paste the URL you just copied into the browser input box and check it,

           then share it to the right place.

Other features: You can use a Custom DomainAPI, More services, please register and use.
Also analyze your traffic source and Traffic Statistics by adding''+''to the end of the Shortened URL.


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