The Role Of Short Links


    A Generally Useful Six-Degree Short Url Can Generate Short Urls Instead Of The Original Lengthy Urls, Making It Easier For Users To Share Links.              Long Links Are Easy To Copy Or Input Incorrectly, Using Short Links Is Simple, And Long Urls Are Easily Blocked.

    Signature, Weibo, Etc. Have Word Limit, Short Url Is Very Helpful.

    The Biggest Benefit Of Using It Is To Shorten The Url And Reduce The Number Of Long Url Characters. In Particular, Sms Promotion Is More Practical.            Of Course, The Public Number Or The Promotion Of Short Urls In The Group Is Still Much More Beautiful.

    It Is Also Easier To Use The Function Of Data Statistics, You Can View The Access Situation Of The Promotion Website.

    As Far As I Know, Many Promoters Use It In Order To Prevent Blocking. They Are Often Promoted On Facebook And T. If You Can't Handle Your Long            Url, You Will Be Blocked From Accessing It.


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