YouTube URL shortening service for sharing videos


Google’s video-sharing site YouTube launched the URL shortening service, and just earlier this month, Google and Facebook also launched the URL shortening service

YouTube announced this URL shortening feature in its blog. YouTube said that URL shortening will be dedicated to YouTube videos, so it will not be misled by the URL used by hackers. In addition, the shortened URL will also include the ID of the YouTube video, so developers can track the release of the video.

However, after adding the ID of the video, YouTube's shortened URL will still appear a bit long. The traditional URL shortening tool generally only has about 20 characters, but after adding about 11 characters of the YouTube video ID, the number of links for will reach 27.

Videos shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader on YouTube will automatically use the shortened URL, and users can also create shortened URL links. For example, in the link address, can be replaced with, the link It becomes Enter this shortened address into your browser to open the video.

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