Why should you use an URL shortener?


If you share lots of links and content online with friends or colleagues, it’s a lot easier to keep those links short. Most of the time, however, website links can be very long and tedious, so sharing them can become quite the chore. And that’s why using a URL shortener makes a lot of sense. With the URL shortener you will finally be able to keep those links short and the overall experience will be a lot better every time.

Links are easier to handle

When you have just a link or two, managing links is not that hard. But when you need to share dozens of links, things become very challenging. That’s where the URL shortener comes into play. You get to have a much easier time managing your links. You can track which one was sent and which one is still in the upcoming links list. You have to give it a try and results can be amazing every time.

Tracking data and compiling it for you

Aside from making the links shorter, URL shorteners can also help track and compile data. They can show things like geographic location, the webpage where the link was clicked, live click data and so on. As a webmaster, all this information will complement your analytics. And it also shows the type of value you can get and what experience you can obtain from it. You will surely enjoy the experience, so might as well check it out and have fun with it.

Sharing is a lot easier

When you have a URL shortener, you just paste the link in it, and sharing becomes a lot easier. You can share the link with everyone, and you can even surprise people because the shortened link won’t really show the destination. It’s the best way to share links with friends and family, and you should give it a try.

There’s no need to install anything

Another great benefit provided by a URL shortener is that you don’t have to install anything. Instead, you just have to visit the website and make the link shorter. It’s easy and convenient, and you can avoid installing tools that might have malware. Instead, the URL shortener is very safe and convenient, and it helps you protect your identity and privacy online. You should always use a URL shortener if you want the best value and experience, and you will not be disappointed.

As you can see, a URL shortener is very helpful and convenient to use. All you have to do is to give the right URL shortener a shot, and Suort is here to help. This is an amazing shortener designed to make links shorter, while also being able to track anyone that clicks. You can bundle your links, use geo-targeting features and also password protect links from unauthorized access. If you’re looking for the ultimate URL shortener, give Suort a try right now and you will not be disappointed!

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