What is a short URL?


What is a short URL?


Indentation, also known as short-address, short URL, shortened URL, shortened URL, shortened URL, etc., refers to a kind of technology and services on the Internet. This service can provide a very short URL instead of the original longer URL, shortening the long URL. When a user visits a shortened URL, they will usually be redirected to the original URL. Most URL shortening services are provided with APIs. The URL shortening service is widely used in microblogs and other social networks such as Twitter where each message has a word limit.

You can often see a variety of short URL websites. There are indeed many webmasters who use short URL services. What are the benefits of short URLs and what are the disadvantages?


The short URL (ShortURL) was originally from Weibo applications. For example, Sina Weibo has a 140-word limit. The URL is usually not too long, and the short URL solves this problem very well.

Can a normal website also apply a short URL? Is a short URL helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Short URLs usually use the 301 redirect of asp or php. Google engineer Matt Cutts once said that using the 301 redirect, the weight of the original URL will be passed to the destination URL. In other words, the weights obtained by the short URL will be passed to the destination URL. So, for Google, short URLs are effective for SEO.

Is the short URL effective for Baidu? There have been a lot of experiments on Baidu's 301 redirect. The facts show that Baidu's weight for 301 redirects is also passed, but this process is usually slow. Therefore, short URLs are helpful for Baidu SEO, but they are less effective than Google.

Where can the short URL be used? For example, when the forum signature has a word limit, we can consider using a short URL; if you want to hide your URL advertisement referral code, a short URL is the best way, or you can consider your website when it is included in the SPAM list. Use short URLs and more. Further use depends on your imagination.

So what is the prospect of shortening the URL? I think:

1. The technical threshold for shortening the URL is low, and it is determined that it can only serve as a by-product and “silently”.

2. The need to shorten the URL user is small, which determines whether it can run continuously.

3. Shorten the URL and not suddenly stop the service, otherwise the previously shortened URL on the Internet will not work.

Therefore, the ability to provide this service is necessarily a large company that treats it as a by-product. Some small companies, after trying it out, felt that they didn’t mean anything, and they naturally closed their doors.

At present, the short URL service automatically generated by Sina and Tencent Weibo has developed very well. I think there are several reasons:

1. Sina and Tencent can afford it and can guarantee that this service will run for a long time.

2. Invisiblely created the demand - the shortened URL on Weibo is automatically generated, thinking that all users need this service. In fact, some URLs that are already short but very clear automatically generate "shortened URLs", which are not necessary and may be counterproductive. However, most users are basically not paying attention to this, because the shortening of the URLs on Weibo is not significant for them.

Many websites offer conversion short URL services, as well as restore short URLs, statistics services, and more. Here are some common short URLs:

Baidu short URL: dwz.cn; Sina short URL: www.sina.lt; NetEase short address: www.126.am;

Taobao short website: www.taourl.com; CNZZ miniature website; www.rdcnzz.com; Baid short website: baid.us;

955 short URL: 955.cc; Amoy baby short URL: tao.bb; Qita short URL: qita.in; 888 short URL: 888.lu, goo.gl shortener url: goo.glSuoRt Advanced URL shortening tool URL: Suort.com, bitly short url: bitly.com.

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