How do I convert long URLs to shortener URL Free? 4 tools can help you achieve your goals!


Regardless of whether it is an article or a video link, it is often a long string. If it is sent to others, it will look awkward, take up a lot of space, and it is very ugly and inconvenient to use. In fact, long links can also be turned into short links. Here are three tools to make the links beautiful and concise.

shortener url free

Suort Shortener url Free (苏尔特免费网址缩短), this is a completely free url shortener service, all functions can be used, features include: Google pixel tracking, facebook pixel tracking, custom domain, custom suffix, click positioning, distinguish between country visits, etc. Very used for marketing and general user use.


2.Baidu short URL

Baidu free shorter URL(百度网址缩短) provides a special short link generation service, which is stable, fast, and secure. It can also generate short links or restore short links in batches. The validity period of the short link generated by Baidu short URL can be selected, one year or long term, and it is also more user-friendly. It's also very easy to use. Just paste a long link and click to shorten the URL.

Note: Baidu short URLs are billed with points, and all users enjoy 100 points per month for free. A short URL jump consumes 1 point at a time; creating a short URL that is valid for one year consumes 1 point; creating a long-term effective short URL consumes 2 points; after arrears, you cannot create a short URL. Delayed jump occurred.


3.Sina shortener URL 

Sina shortener URLs(新浪网址缩短) can also turn long links into short links, shortening long URLs to short URLs with less than 8 characters, and you can also choose short URL suffixes to generate Baidu short URLs and Google short URLs. The most important thing is that the Sina short URL is completely free. The generated short URL is valid for a long time. It is used in the same way as the Baidu short URL. After you paste the link, you can generate it by clicking on it. Sina short link can also restore short links, with the function of anonymous jump.


4.Donkey shortener url chain

The donkey short chain(毛驴网址缩短) is not only able to turn long links into short links, it also supports viewing multi-dimensional data such as visits, visitors, IP, sources, regions, etc. of short links for data statistics and easy analysis. If you want to know the click after the link is distributed, you can use the donkey short chain, and the data is intuitive and comprehensive.

Note: If it is a short chain that is directly generated without login and registration, it can be accessed up to 30 times and the validity period is 3 days. After signing up, the free version can generate 100 short links, and you can only view access records for nearly an hour.

The above are the three tools that can generate short links for everyone. They all have their own characteristics and functions. There are different requirements for generating short links. Choose according to your needs.

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