Short URL is an effective Marketing method


In the promotion, there will always be cases where the URL cannot be left directly, especially the URL ending in the .html format, or it will be automatically blocked when it is severely deleted. If it is in the forum, the vest that is easy to keep is blocked unfortunately!

In the early stage of website establishment, it is a must for every webmaster to go to various channels to send external links. Especially when choosing a high-weight forum or website, once you leave the link, the effect on your website is immeasurable.

So how to leave an external link and in what way is it worthwhile for every webmaster to think about it! The main question of today's article is whether Shortener URLs are effective external links?

What is a Free shortener URL?

Arbitrarily long URLs are shortened. Compared to long URLs, shortener URLs can be more easily spread on email, social networks, Weibo, and mobile phones.

When should I use a shortener URL?

  • 1. In the case of unable to publish a normal URL, click and push to recommend the use of a shortener URL to publish, common is Baidu's platform, the industry's high-weight website forum.

Leave a Shortener URL at the end of the published article, remove the hyperlink and the word "http: //", it does not seem to the ordinary people to know what it is, but for search engines, it can actively parse this short URL and pass the short URL. Go to your website for crawling.

Some people will say that this is for the search engines, of course not deny it, if you want to show it to others, it is also possible, so that you can direct traffic to the website, this effect is very powerful. I have personally tested it, and it is a crooked person who has attracted a large number of people to visit the website! At that time, it was still a student's time, and was praised by the teacher. It is still quite proud of me to follow suit. Unfortunately, I ca n’t find the passage in the long time The shortener URL referred traffic, and it was posted in the forum. It was named after being discovered by the moderator, but I have achieved my purpose before the moderator found it.

  • 2. Advertising benefits, easy to remember! You will see a lot of billboards on highways, whether foreign or domestic. If you are not a driver and you have nothing to do, I believe you will occasionally pay attention to these billboards. If you see a good advertisement at this time, there is a phone number and website address underneath, so by the time you record it, the car has already driven too far. If the URL you see or hear is:, I believe there is no need to rush to find a pen.

  • 3. Convenient for statistics and mining. Every click and reference service provider has a record and track. The shortener URL system supports statistical Analysis of data collected when users access network resources through short URLs. Including: periodical statistical analysis, user geographic statistical analysis, visit source statistical analysis, user terminal equipment statistical analysis, and user-defined group statistical analysis. And can provide users with accurate downloadable data reports. This helps creators of short URLs to set up a Traffic Statistics Analysis system for any URL very conveniently.


  • 4. In order to avoid the same link being cited by a large number of users and shorten the link length in order to save storage space, Weibo users are concerned about some hot topics, and it is more common for the same links to appear in different memos sent by users. The short URL can not only share the link, but also increase the amount of information contained in Weibo and increase the expression of the core content.


  • 5. Anti-shielding effect. Many social networks will block URLs that end in the .html format. At this time, short URLs need to be used for external links. As long as the short URL you posted is in the right place and is indeed useful to the target user, then directly copying the short URL link left to visit can bring benefits to the website. (The short URL external link generally does not have a hyperlink format. Only users can manually copy and paste it into the address bar for access. If there is a hyperlink format, it will be directly deleted by k. What short URL external link is used, it is not good to use a normal URL. .)


  • 6. Search engine level. Search engines crawl web pages mainly by spiders. Spiders are very sensitive to the code existing on the page when crawling the page. Whether you have a hyperlink or only a piece of code, as long as you meet the external link you leave is Shun Teng. Crawl to visit your website.


  • 7. When generating a short URL, the shortener URL system automatically generates a QR code corresponding to the short URL, which is convenient for you to display the QR code on WeChat, Weibo, forums, blogs, websites, etc. The user only needs to scan it and you can Open your destination URL directly.

To sum up: shortener URLs are effective external links! For search engines or users, as long as you click on the link to visit your website, it is effective. Such a short URL will help the website's traffic to a certain extent, which can also be regarded as a website's external link method. The short URL is prepared for those who attach importance to the analysis of the promotion effect and hope to continuously improve their promotion behavior, so as to continuously eliminate invalid promotion efforts and invest limited time and resources into valuable promotion media and channels. With the help of suolink short URL Provide high-value multi-dimensional traffic statistics, optimize the promotion effect to make the most of it, and really bring you value!

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