Personalized short domain name becomes citron, Apple registers


With the development of the mobile Internet, subtle changes have occurred in the process of deriving domain names from the PC side to the mobile side. The theory of domain name uselessness has been spreading in recent years. Are domain names really useless in the era of the mobile Internet?

According to Ms. Qian Kun, the general manager of Afilias China, the world ’s second largest domain name registration agency, in the first round of new top-level domain applications in 2012, only more than 500 brand domain names passed and obtained brand suffix applications; In the next round of new top-level domain applications, more than 10,000 brands are expected to apply for their own brand domain names.

In March 2018, purchased the “” brand domain name from overseas at a high seven-figure price; at the same time, Xiaomi and Sina Weibo both bought their short domain names at a high 6- and 7-figure price. In 2014, after Afilias announced the open registration of color top-level domain names, Apple's headquarters first registered the domain name to protect branded domain names. These cases illustrate the existence of domain name value in the era of mobile Internet.

Personalized short domain names become a trend

In the mobile era, domain names are not as simple as a single line of characters. While reducing the importance of domain names, the mobile Internet has also given more imagination to short domain names and personalized domain names. In recent years, sky-high domain names have been born in the mobile era. The development of personalization has brought about the appearance of many different new domain name suffixes, which has largely met the needs of users, especially some color domain names with high personality, which are more and more popular with the public. Just two months ago, color domain names were frequently exposed to millions and millions of high-priced transactions. Apple's pre-emptive registration of color domains represented by Chinese red shows the pre-judgment of new top-level domain trends and awareness of the protection of branded domain names.

Qian Kun said that personalized short domain names, especially color domain names, are easy to spread lexical domain names. This kind of domain name is regardless of the region and is not affected by language and culture. It is a common and commonly used vocabulary in daily life.

According to the domain name registrar Western Digital's transaction records, .red has created a record of mass squatting, and the number of registrations surged to more than 110,000 in the first 24 hours after launch.


Why are .red domain names so tight? The demand for premium domain names is strong in the market, and domain names with short characters are more popular.

.red domain names are the shortest characters that a new top-level domain can apply for. Easy to remember and conducive to brand building and dissemination;
.red is called by Chinese netizens, China Red. Red means auspicious, passionate. It can better express the brand's fashion and personalized tone;
The scarcity of domain name resources. Domain names are unique, so strictly speaking, they are not incremental markets but stock markets.
Qian Kun said that with the increasing demand of the application market, the rise of new suffixes is an inevitable trend. At present, Afilias is one of the first Western Registry Operators to obtain permission from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to operate in China. Currently, the personalized top-level domains that can be sold in compliance in China include. , .Pink, .Blue, .Black, .Green, .Ski, .Bio, .Archi, Lotto, .Promo, .Poker, .Organic, .Vote, .Voto and so on. These top-level domains can cooperate with the prefix to form a good chemical reaction. The domain name as a whole has no trace of cumbersomeness, and is gradually recognized by the market. The value of the domain name is also constantly increasing. Of the 26 new top-level domains applied by Afilias, only one-fifth of the domain names are color, including ".BLACK" (black), ".BLUE" (blue), ".GREEN" (green), ". PINK "(pink) and" .RED "(red).

Domain names are still business cards for the corporate Internet

In the era of the mobile Internet, everyone's attention is increasingly focused on individual applications, especially in China. The number of WeChat public platforms is about 15 million, and the total number of fans is over 5 billion, which is equivalent to 1 WeChat public for every 40 Chinese. number. However, these public accounts have nothing to do with the webpage. If WeChat wants them to disappear someday, it will be a breeze. It is not only WeChat that removes independent websites. There is no independent domain name for business information on public reviews and Taobao pages. Almost all online businesses have become a centralized Internet.

However, for enterprises to grow and become stronger, they must have their own independent domain names. A good domain name is equivalent to the facade in a physical store, which is the entrance to get more customers and traffic. If you do n’t own a brand, you do n’t have pricing power. And if you do not protect your brand domain name in your hands, it will do no good to your own brand. The sensational "True and Fake Happy Network" [( really happy), ( fake happy)] dispute was caused by the domain name. According to a survey by a well-known IDC company in the United States, as many as 86.6% of multinational listed companies have encountered malicious cybersquatting of branded domain names among nearly 500 listed companies. Even Google, a large national company, can hardly retreat. Google ’s million dollar redemption of and domain names has been a sensation.

Because of the "scarcity" and "uniqueness" of domain names. Regardless of its length, each domain name is an independent individual. Just as there are no two leaves in the world, there are no two domain names in the world. With the awakening of corporate brand domain name consciousness and the large number of investors' registrations, high-quality domain names can no longer be obtained so easily. Therefore, finding a usable, affordable domain name that can represent the will of the brand is one of the biggest challenges facing startups . Afilias's top-level domains can meet the needs of users in various industries, and personalized domain names are an important way for companies to promote their brands and display their images!

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