How to shorten a long link into a short link?


How to shorten a long link into a short link?

Turning long links into short links involves programming big factories like Baidu,, Taobao, and having their own technical team. Joining a programming package is just a practical lunch. So for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to How to shorten the promoted long link into a short link? You can't always recruit a technical team!

Universal Internet provides us with many free resources, including a number of completely free short URL shortening tools:

SuoRt Free URL shortener
Bitly   URL shortener

Suo URL shortener

These three short URL shortening tools not only have the function of URL shortening, they also provide:

1. The QR code is generated with the website.

This is the era of two-dimensional code. When people enter the URL and need to copy and paste, they will tend to take out their mobile phone and scan. The three-dimensional code provided by these three tools is very practical with the URL generation function, which greatly facilitates everyone's promotion.

2. URL data encryption function

If a website wants to conduct online transactions directly and requires an internet business license, how can a small website simply encrypt the URL? and can help you solve it. Our users use this feature to convert fans on the website-want to see my content, first pay attention to my public account! It is said that the effect is not bad.

3. Short URL data analysis function

The functions of the short URL are not only shortened, but also have detailed statistical functions, which can make your social network marketing more accurate. Whether you sign on QQ, Weibo, or QQ group, You can do detailed statistics! Do you know how many times the url addresses in your group text messages have been clicked? Where did they come from? When did they visit? The short URL makes your social network marketing no longer blind!

In addition to the shortcomings of short URLs such as Baidu and Sina, short URL shortening tools such as and have developed batch short URL shortening functions, which can shorten up to 300 short URLs at a time, greatly improving efficiency. And, it's always free.


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