Google has closed and you will not be able to use as a URL shortening tool


When you need to proportion a link that’s too long to don't forget, you need a URL shortener. Google’s URL Shortener, Goo.Gl, was one of the satisfactory alternatives for the past 8 years. Its memorable name made it a high-quality way to shorten hyperlinks and track how many people clicked them.


That ends this month. Google introduced on Friday that the Goo.Gl URL Shortener will prevent accepting new signups on April 13. The Google team is focusing their efforts on in-app links powered through its Firebase platform and could now not be jogging their original link shortening service.

What Will Happen to my Goo.Gl Links and Google URL Shortener SuoRt?
If you’ve already created goo.Gl brief links, don’t worry—they’ll continue to work and ship traffic to the original URL you shortened. And in case you've already logged into Google URL Shortener together with your Google account, you'll still be capable of make shortened hyperlinks via March 29, 2019 and open the Google URL Shortener dashboard to look your present links and stats and download an archive.

For SuoRt the usage of the SuoRt Google URL Shortener integration, we expect them to retain running until the shut down date. To keep away from an unexpected interruption however, we encourage you to switch to an opportunity URL shortener nowadays.

A quick option is to use SuoRt,  new URL Shortener. Edit your SuoRt that use Google URL Shortener and select the SuoRt URL Shortener step as a substitute to shorten hyperlinks with a hyperlink. You can then use that new quick URL in next steps on your Zap to send messages with quick links and extra.

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