FB settings pixel tracking activity status and results [detailed illustration]


In the first two live broadcasts, I shared with you the skills of advertising on FB and found that many people still don't know how to set the pixel. Today I will teach you how to set the pixel.

Not much nonsense to go directly to the topic, you log in to https://business.facebook.com If you still do not have a corporate advertising account, I encourage you to quickly read my content a few months ago, I wrote very detailed, you do not need an agent Or advertisers can help you open, your personal account can open corporate advertising account permissions, please go to: FB to create a corporate advertising account Business Ads Manager [Illustration]

You actually create two business accounts, you can also open five ads accounts under each of them so that you have a total of 10 ads accounts under your two business accounts

It ’s better to say that I have opened one under each corporate account, and I would like to remind you again, and I have accumulated experience. I used to create several FB accounts in 2014. The results were not used, so I closed them. I wrote in the last issue. An article summarized these reasons, you can go to this article to read: 11 reasons why FB corporate advertising accounts are blocked [Resources]

Then our Pixel must be created under the ads account. If the Pixel is plain, it will be installed on one of our websites, or the app, or the bug that tracks our advertising activities. You can simply understand this, for example, by placing an advertisement to promote a certain Products, if you have n’t inserted Pixel tracking data on your website, you do n’t know the benefits of this fb ads, and you ca n’t evaluate it, so the role of this pixel is to track every detail or result of your advertising campaign (This definition is not professional, you can Baidu yourself)

In the second step, we enter our ads account. You can see the ads account you created on the right side of the business manager.


第三步:你进入这个ads account 之后(我这个account 上次给你们实操的时候封的那个ads account ,发申诉信要回来,现在正常了)点击左上角

Step 4 You click on all tools and find the pixel in the drop-down box and find custome conversion. Click on this custom conversion.

Step 5 If you haven't created any pixels, your page has nothing.


If you want to have a wordpress / woocommerce website (independent website) like me, you can directly click on the partner integration button to enter this page

I believe most people play shopify and play woocommerece less, so you can find your shopify directly here and insert the pixel you created here on your shopify website. I originally created the pixel This step is shown to everyone, but you can only build one pixel for an ad account. If I create another ads account, I will waste it if I don't run ads, and I will be blocked in a few days. I don't want to do this.

You all know how to play Shopify, but if you have n’t played it, you can take a look. After you click, you can go to the page and directly click on the connect account. Various types of pixels are directly loaded into your shopify through this connect account.

So let's see how this custom conversion is used?

Suppose we have a website, an independent station, such as a foreign trade website (factory independent website b2b type). We can promote our new products through advertisements (assuming that we are looking for buyers at a low price in order to promote a newly developed product). At this time, after the advertisement is launched, what we want to see is an inquiry. Then the consumer sees the ad and clicks on the ad to enter the page to send an inquiry (click contact us for inquiry). We definitely use pixels to track this because we want to See how many inquiries this advertisement brings. At this time we will insert a special pixel on this product page. When we do this, we need this custom conversion function.

这一张上面内容比较多,点击1之后我们进入这个页面 再次点击create custom conversion 会跳出来这个白色的小框框,只要你的pixel 是绿色的 (你看 amu pixel )说明你的pixel 在你的指定的网站上已经安插好了,我们下一步把特殊的pixel 安插到特殊的页面 ,跟踪特殊的活动。 

In the position of Figure 1 above, you can enter a special page / the following part of slash (/) or not. If your website is a website that sells ticket sales, movie tickets or concert tickets, you are on social media. To promote this special (someone ’s concert, or movie) page, if someone clicks to buy this ticket (or you can get 10 tickets for free) this time we have to create a custom conversion, this time we It can be used, I mentioned the inquiry in the above example, I am on the contact us page or you can send the inquiry to the website to complete the last step and succesully send out settings like this, if you have this Yes, you can also enter this keyword in the 1 position for the pixel to recognize. The purpose here is to let fb record the consumer's action after a certain action is completed and feedback to us in the fb background.

(2)-You can name it whatever you want, 3 is for this type of action (What should the action that sends us inquiry, it is definitely not purchase, this is definitely a lead, then you can choose a suitable one from these categories.

The last step is to directly click create. Then what else do we need to do after this create? If your pixel is successfully loaded on your page, we can download fb pixel helper directly in chrome and then check if you open it on your website. Succeeded.

Finally, seeing this status description on your website, your pixel is inserted without any problems.

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