Explanation of URL shortening in Amazon FAQ

Explanation of URL shortening in Amazon FAQ


Question: Are there any technical points for attention when shortening my promotion link with the URL shortening function? Answer:. . . . . . (Skip the official answer about Share on Twitter and Site Stripe function here)!
If you use our Suort URL Shortener. There will be no related problems.
If you use another URL shortening function, remember to make sure that their shortened URL will not end up being directed to an iframe page with an Amazon page. If you find that Amazon's URL does not appear in the browser address bar when accessing Amazon through the shortened URL, then you cannot use this short URL to promote Amazon affiliate products. At the same time, you must double-check to make sure that your Associate tracking ID is still there after the short URL is parsed back to the long URL. Please keep in mind that Amazon is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of URL shortening technology. Please find your short URL provider.
At the same time, don’t forget that if you use a Shortener URL, Amazon may ask you to provide the website address where you actually promote the product, and make sure that these source pages can be accessed by Amazon to check whether your promotion meets our requirements.


The Associates Program Linking Requirements (original https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/help/operating/linking) also mentioned: "You cannot use shortening URLs to prevent users from clearly aware that they are clicking Is a link to Amazon's page"
Personal summary notes are as follows:
1. Cannot use iframe URL shortening tool
2. The short URL must be legal after changing back to the long URL
3. When users click on your short URL, they must clearly know that he will open an Amazon page

other problems
1. Is there any problem with the shortened URL amzn.to/*** with bitly? It seems that this is a cooperation with amazon
2. After using a short URL, is it easy to replace an ID if someone picks it up?
1. At present, there are no relevant regulations that clearly prohibit the use of this kind of website, but you still need to be careful not to violate the 3 rules they expressly put forward, especially the third point, you can impose it on anyone.
2. If you want to replace the ID, you must first parse the Shortener URL to grow the URL, and this behavior needs to go to the backend server of the short address service provider (or if your own website provides the short address function, it will go to you). This puts another level of functional requirements on the station program. Of course, you can't stop the sincere people who come to station station.


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