Benefits of using short URLs


Benefits of using short URLs

There are a lot of long-URL Shortened tools on the market, and many people have already used Short URLs as a common tool for daily marketing and operation. Of course, many people still don't understand it. Do you know the benefits of using short URLs? Why do everyone like to use short URLs?

  1. Real-time monitoring of promotional data to facilitate timely adjustment of operational strategies based on data

    Through the short chain, you can view the promotion data in real time, understand the data of each channel and different links, adjust the strategy in time, and improve operational efficiency.

  2. Multi-dimensional data reporting, deeper analysis and clear understanding of user portraits

    User data can be analyzed through time, region, browser, device and other dimensions to clear the user image corresponding to the product, and the promotion is more targeted.

  3. Jump links in specific scenarios to meet personalized promotion needs

    By using the functions of creating short-chain by time, by city, by device, by parameters, by random, etc., different links can be jumped according to the specified scene to meet the personalized requirements of promotion, which is efficient and convenient.

  4. Intelligent filtering of fakes, data is more realistic and effective

    Filter false traffic, reduce data filtering steps, and make the data more analytical.

  5. Permanently valid, don't worry about expiration, the promotion link is invalid

    Links generated using short-chain platforms do not have a valid period limit and are permanently valid. There is no need to worry about link failures affecting the promotion effect.

  6. Simplify long links, make the promotion content more beautiful, reduce the number of messages used by SMS

    The original link may have multiple parameters, the link is very long, and the text content can be more highlighted after shortening; in the short message push, the number of words occupied by the link can be reduced, and the cost is reduced.

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